Discover all the Mantua Greenway has to offer: beautiful and welcoming places to explore, relax, and connect.

The Trail

This carefully planned one-mile trail along the northern boundary of the Mantua neighborhood builds on the West Bank Greenway from 34th Street, along Mantua Avenue, to the edge of Fairmount Park at 40th Street. With engaging public spaces along the way, the trail accommodates activities and offers safe travel for residents, commuters, and visitors on their way to the city’s trails, parks, and neighborhoods.


34th St GatewayThe Gateway welcomes residents and visitors to the Mantua Greenway and our West Philadelphia community. Bold signage and beautiful flower gardens demonstrate neighborhood pride, greeting walkers, bikers, and drivers as they pass by. A seat wall sloping out of the sidewalk enables bus riders to wait and rest. Upgrades to signage, lighting, and fencing allow people to enjoy the southeast end of the Greenway safely, day and night.

Aspen Street Plaza

Take a breath and enjoy a seat on a comfortable bench in the shade, surrounded by a variety of flowers and trees. The Plaza features sustainable plant beds and an eye-catching green design that manages stormwater run-off. A plaque commemorates the parents of long-time Mantua resident Ms. Bessie Washington, whose memorial garden inspired the Mantua Greenway project. This space’s unique shape also helps transform 35th Street and Mantua Avenue into an intersection that’s safe for both pedestrians and drivers.

37th St. Triangle

This once-vacant lot has been transformed into a fun and unique mini park. Rain gardens beautify the space and manage stormwater, while colorful benches provide places to rest, connect with friends, and enjoy performances. Users can picnic, work out, play games, and explore nature in this expanse of lush green grass. Viewed from above, the park’s paths and gardens reveal the shape of a giant tulip, Mantua’s official flower.

40th St. and Girard Ave. Intersection

After crossing the 40th Street Bridge to the East Parkside neighborhood, trail users will reach the end of the Mantua Greenway that connects to West Fairmount Park, Centennial Commons, and the School of the Future. The extension of the curb at this intersection will calm traffic and make walking and biking safer for students, residents, and visitors.